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charcoal sketch on paper

oil sketch on canvas

clear wax added

light green oil paint

darker shades of oils added

burnt umber on wall and branches

brown wax painted on

larger white stones painted with gesso

clear wax brushed on stones and shadows added

more shading and highlighting

Final scene

                                                       Our good friend Basil.

candle wax

boiling wax

Sketch on canvas in black oil.

In order to get a true bright white, I paint melted wax on the canvas. It  acts as a resist to the oil paint. After painting over the wax, I’ll scrape it off, revealing the raw, gesso canvas underneath.

Added background

Added background.

Clear wax is applied and then Sap Green oil.

Yellow and brown oils are added.

Green wax and brown wax are brushed on.

Blue paint is added.

Some wax removed, trees in distance and ground painted.

Most of clear wax removed.

Blue sky painted in.

Paint removed over tiny wax particles. Trunk and branches painted in Mars Red.