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The following pictures are taken outside where the blue tone is seen more clearly.








The idea for this painting came as vision over the course of a few years. The intent was strong and I felt it had to be drawn out on canvas.

An interesting thing happened while in the midst of this painting. I got an email from a person inquiring if I had done their sunset painting because it, as well, was by a ‘L’Etoile’. The framed picture was a vibrant scene of an incredible sunset over an ocean. I wish I knew who it was. Funny how life is, if you’re thinking about a subject, this one being sunsets, the subject becomes an object and appears in all kinds of ways right in front of you.



charcoal sketch on paper

oil sketch on canvas

clear wax added

light green oil paint

darker shades of oils added

burnt umber on wall and branches

brown wax painted on

larger white stones painted with gesso

clear wax brushed on stones and shadows added

more shading and highlighting

Final scene

Dyeing eggs with blueberries, turmeric, spinach, red cabbage and cheese cloth.