sunrise1 sunrise2 sunrise3 sunrise4 sunrise5 sunrise6 sunrise7 sunrise8 sunrise9 sunrise10 sunrise11 sunrise12 sunrise13 sunrise14 sunrise15 sunrise16 sunrise17 sunrise18 sunrise19 sunrise20 sunrise21 sunrise22 sunrise23 sunrise24 sunrise25 sunrise26 sunrise27 sunrise28 sunrisefinalFinding adequate light for this piece proved to be more difficult than expected. The sun wanted to be very white, as well as the floor and the ceiling. I kept adding more and more gesso to get the intensity of light.  I also wanted to get a more static feel to the  piece by applying small particles of wax, but each time, I scraped off more and more of the ‘atmosphere’ to create a smoother appearance. This painting wanted the cool, uncomplicated feeling I started with in the early sketches. I couldn’t veer off from that path as much as I tried. The image remains very simple. ‘Sunrise’ is  apart of the bleedthrough (past) series; a series of rooms that have a long perspective with light or darkness at their farthest point. They are abandoned rooms of another time, crumbling away, but at the same time, being filled with a light that remembers. What might appear as an office area, is now empty and the only life is the sun.