A film still found of striped fish was the inspiration to the following piece of art, dyed in complementary and analogous colors.

goldfishI mixed yellow and red Jacquard’s paint dye and painted the fish onto a cotton, linen remnant.

goldfish1I then painted over the fish with melted wax and where ever I wanted it left white.

goldfish2The dye bath was a light mixture of Caribbean Blue.





goldfish7I let it dry and placed it in the window to see the image clearly.



goldfish10I brushed on the melted wax where I wanted the light blue to remain.

goldfish11Then, dyed it in a darker shade of Caribbean Blue.



goldfish13Hung it up to dry. Here the light and darker blue show well.

goldfish16The next dye bath was an even deeper shade of blue.

goldfish15In the window all the colors can be seen.

goldfish16The last dye bath was Black and Golden Yellow.


goldfish18When dyed over the Caribbean Blues, it turned the cloth into a deep green hue.


goldfish19I painted over the fish with more orange dye after boiling out all the wax, to brighten it up a bit.

goldfishfinalFinal piece back lit from afternoon light in window.

goldfishfinal2This was a challenging piece because of the amount of wax applied and with the final dye, I didn’t know what color would emerge. One can do test pieces, but I like the surprise. I did crumple up the piece before the final dye quite a bit which let in more darkness than wanted, so I ended up adding another layer of orange to the fish.

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