Archives for the day of: 10/18/2010

filter/stylize/glowing edges

After manipulating the image with ‘glowing edges’, I kind of liked the result and tried it with a few others, but the effect didn’t come out as well as this one. It reminds me of folk art on acid. What would be great is if something like this could be done with neon lights or fiber optics, as an installation.

This one was not accepted to an art association in the state I live in and I’ve been feeling vulnerable these days because of it. “Rejection helps”’ someone told me a while ago.

The little being is bathing in an algae filled aquarium under the water in what could be another aquarium. I wanted to add certain details that had a lot of meaning to me. It was a very personal piece I offered.

42" x 32" oil, wax, thread

When finishing up, I added a smile to its face. What was important to me, was to have this creature happy in its underwater world. I broke off a lot of wax on the wall of the image to let bright light come through. Being unemployed at the time, I probably wanted to believe that somewhere there was a light at the end of the tunnel.