“There were eight of us” was very first one I painted using wax. The idea was off the cuff and I liked the results, but it was the stitching through the wax that ended up finishing the piece. Later on through the years, the paintings were deconstructed more by using a pallet knife. If there is any influence, it would have to be artist, Russell Mills. I found out about his work through Nine Inch Nails, The Downward Spiral. After looking him up, inspiration took a firm hold. His paintings have ritual and mystery at the forefront and such a solid base of emotion behind them.


"one of us was born in the middle of the afternoon"


This one came out so fast, I got the concept, sketch and painting done in a couple of days. It hasn’t been this way since. “One of us was born in the middle of the afternoon”  got published in a “pure abstract” magazine, although, I still think it appears narrative and not completely abstract.