oil pastel sketch

With this painting, so much time went by as I struggled with placement, hues, light, pretty much all of it. There were a few major changes to the objects in the room. I had originally painted two pillars, then one, then ten of them, and back to one. I liked one the most, it gave a more unusual feel that has become a signature for the bleedthrough (past) series; rooms that are slightly angled and reach far into the distance, emanating an unknown feeling.

charcoal sketch

Here, a  massive room, with what appears to be afternoon light pouring in, was titled from the very beginning, “Last Day”. The intent for this piece was strong and stayed very much alive, even when I didn’t paint or look at it for days. Months went by and I still knew the feeling quite well whenever I approached it. The space is out of a dream where souls go after their life is over and a new one is about to begin. The room is always empty, but has remnants of spirits living on, unseen. The rush of light warms the space and I imagine walking through to another life. The feeling is of anticipation, similar to the last day of school where everyone has been let out and you still remain, perhaps just wondering around, finishing up and getting ready to go with unfamiliar excitement in your heart. A bittersweet feeling comes into play as well. When the lessons are finished and still fresh in our memory, a tinge of longing and loneliness present themselves, allowing us to ponder at what has been, knowing that it’s gone forever.

removing wax layers

Painted in a style categorized as abstract deconstruction, where the surface of the painting is built up with layers of wax and oils and then scraped away to uncover the raw canvas underneath. This particular style creates an unraveling effect of ages gone by, memories uncovered from another place and time.