It was only after I situated the aqua garden just so with irises, water lilies and stones that a frog came by.      Introducing Maurice, 2016summergarden43the star of the garden this summer. He is a bronze frog, green face and bronze body. He’s very contemplative, doesn’t move for hours and even though it’s getting colder at night he is still there, sitting in his little pool.

There was a mini Maurice as well, in the smaller pond,


who disappeared a few weeks ago after being visited by big Maurice. Hmmmm…..

The Pickerel Frog who has a nice flashy coat


is in front of the house. She seems to love this blue pot filled with water and Elephant Ears. It’s situated right under the porch light where moths gather. I’m guessing this frog is a “she” because smaller versions of herself were nearby for a while, until they ventured off to who knows where.

Stayed tuned for Part 2, In a small corner of the world, there is a garden, Summer 2016.

That’s right, more frogs, flowers and bees.