img_20200525_231958_121A two mile long path unfolds through wetlands, logging trails and high ridges overlooking beaver marshes. The one hundred and ten acres of land is managed by the Conservation Commission and Forestry Committee. It was created by volunteers in 1991.





20200522_132325A vernal pond under the heavy canopy of an old growth section of forest.


20200526_125333At the highest point, one can see down this steep ridge to a vast marshland in the distance.

20200526_125754There are lots of sunny patches in this forest due to “skid trails” or wood harvested areas.

20200526_125830The last harvest was done in 1990.

20200526_130615A tightly grouped cluster of young maples along the path.

20200526_123654Some of the vegetation includes poisonous sumac and a rare colony of rhododendron native to North America.

In 1983, a man by the name of Gilbert Knowles offered the Dowst-Cate Town Forest to the public. He wrote to the officials saying, “I have always had a warm place in my heart for Deerfield (and) I would be happy to do something for Deerfield.” His wishes were that this property be used as a “town forest and park”.