“In the Tailor Shop” series started with this sketch in 2003. I experimented with this piece quite a bit and it took me about six months to finish. The way I paint these are a little different than the other series. The dresses are gone over more with shading and highlighting to get a somewhat realistic view and the melted wax is brushed over a completed oil painting.


"dress" 44" x 50"


I wanted the dress to pop, appearing more lifelike. The intent came from the feeling of being objectified. The dummy is used and displayed. I tried to stay within the theme and coloring, yet that veered into different colored dresses and all kinds of situations.

What has stayed the same with each of the ‘Tailor’ images is that part of the dress remains sketched, unfinished and painted with loose brushstrokes. This particular one, I brought out the strong black lines just as the sketch, keeping it a bold contrast against the orange.